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Buffalo’s Passing

April 24, 2006


Redwings is very sad to report the passing of one of our mustang herd, Buffalo. This past January, he was stricken with acute peritonitis, a life-threatening disease of the stomach. After a long and painful treatment, he was nearly back to normal, when he suddenly showed signs of colic again this past week. It did not seem serious and was under treatment for comfort, however one of our ranch hands found that he had passed away before dawn this morning.

People familiar with our mustang herd know that he and Coyote were constantly together, usually a little away from the rest of the herd.

Mendocino County Epilogue

April 22, 2006 (Updated April 24, 2006)

All of the James DeNoyer horses that were auctioned from the Redwood Empire Fairgrounds in Ukiah are now at their new homes. Four of the original horses remain in impound pending the result of DeNoyer’s trial in July, and will also need homes should DeNoyer be found guilty. The auction was rounded out by two large suprises which you can read about here. >> Full Story

Update 1, April 24, 2006: Added a link to an article in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Horse Slaughter Legislation Op-Ed

April 9, 2006

Christopher J. Heyde from the Society for Animal Protective Legislation has written an op-ed piece for the Washington Times calling for the enactment of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. >> Full Story

Help Redwings Just By Searching the Internet

April 8, 2006

GoodSearch smaller logo

Redwings Horse Sanctuary is now a listed charity with By using this service, you support Redwings every time you search the Internet for anything you’d like. >> Full Story

Update 3: Mendocino County Horse Auction Details

March 30, 2006 (Updated April 4, 2006)

We have details about the auction of the DeNoyer horses which will take place April 1 through April 9. Please spread the word about this event which will determine the fates of many horses who had been neglected. The sales sheet is also available here. >> Full Story

Update 1, April 3, 2006: Both the PDF and web-page sales sheet have been updated with more horses.

Update 2, April 4, 2006: Both the PDF and the web-page sales sheets have been updated with some additions. Also, some horses have been removed.

Update 3, April 7, 2006: Added a link to the current bids on the horses from Mendocino County Animal Control.

Seminar: Essential Elements of Horsemanship

March 30, 2006

This one-day seminar is designed to provide horse owners with valuable information that will enable them to create and sustain a happy, healthy environment for their horse. >> Full Story

Redwings Spring Raffle

March 28, 2006

The 2006 Redwings Spring Raffle is on! This is a great fundraiser for us, with over $10,000 raised last year, all from $5 raffle tickets. Please enter as many times as you like. Please read the details and download a set of raffle tickets that you can print. >> Full Story

Press Release: Mendocino County Horses to be Auctioned

March 24, 2006

We hope you’ve been following the story of the horses who were found neglected and starving in Mendocino County. 29 of the horses will be available for purchase in April. Please see the press release produced by Mendocino County. >> Full Story

Update 10: Urgent Help Needed For Neglected Horses

February 4, 2006 (Updated March 15, 2006)

In Mendocino County, a horse owner has been charged with animal cruelty. He had 35 horses, all malnourished, and one was found dead apparently trying to access water from a nearby creek, as no water was available in their pasture. The horses were given Henneke scores around 1.0, and one mare was scored 0.5. Volunteers from The Rainbow Horses Volunteer Network have been taking care of them since then, with the approval of Mendocino County. They need volunteers. They need donations. They need resources. Please read our story, along with a links to web pages where you can help.

Update February 27, 2006: Added a link to an article about this case at

Update March 1, 2006: Added a request for a hot water heater to bathe these horses.

Update March 2, 2006: Added a link with the latest information from the Ukiah Daily Journal.

Update March 10, 2006: Added the latest information about the trial.

Update March 13, 2006: Added a link from the Ukiah Daily Journal regarding a hearing determining the fate of these horses.

Update March 15, 2006: Added a link from the Ukiah Daily Journal describing an agreement to have the county sell all but four of these horses. If James DeNoyer is found innocent, these four will be returned to him.

Animal-Related Legislation

March 15, 2006

We wanted to remind our supporters to keep track of legislation at all levels related to animals. The ASPCA, among many other organizations, is a very helpful resource for tracking animal-related legislation. You can see what’s the latest at their web site.

Web Site Outage

March 6, 2006

We apologize for our web site outage this past weekend. Everything should be fine now. Thanks for your patience! Come check out our photos from Saturday, March 4 at our Flickr site. This is one of the most beautiful times of the year to visit our ranch!

March 4 Open House

February 22, 2006

Rain or shine, Saturday, March 4, 2006 will be the first regular Open House of the year for Redwings Horse Sanctuary. We will not only be celebrating St. Patrick’s day, but March birthdays for Calypso, Melissa, Charisma, Artful Dodger (March 24), and Buster Brown (March 31).

Our pastures are covered in green this time of year

So, bring a birthday carrot or apple and come down to the ranch to wish them a happy birthday. Bring a picnic lunch or join a volunteer for a tour of the Sanctuary, then enjoy a soft drink and cookie! The grass is green, the weather is beautiful (usually) and cool, and the horses and burros are starting to shed their winter coats. This is the best time of the year to visit.

New Home for Rebel

December 29, 2005 (Updated February 16, 2006)

People sometimes volunteer to foster Redwings horses, providing them with a home and care while still under the ownership of Redwings. Carri Willis who handles the medical needs of our horses as part of the staff of Redwings, has given Rebel a home. >> Full Story

Suit Filed Against USDA for Horse Slaughter Ban

February 14, 2006

A group of animal-protection organizations have filed a lawsuit against the United States Department of Agriculture to require them to enforce the ban on funding horse slaughter-house inspectors, effectively banning the slaughtering of horses for human consumption. The USDA has made an agreement with the three horse slaughterhouses in the United States allowing inspectors to be paid by the slaughterhouses themselves, in apparent violation of the Federal Meat Inspection Act. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit include Humane Society of the United States, The Fund for Animals, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Animal Welfare Institute, Society for Animal Protective Legislation, Doris Day Animal League, and American Humane Association.

Californian Article on Ranch Forgotten

February 8, 2006

Salinas newspaper, The Californian, has published an article about Jan & Ed Mitchell about Ranch Forgotten, where six Redwings horses live. Please read it here!

2006 Calendar Now On Sale

January 23, 2006

Redwings supporter Rae Zamora, photographer Nora Hernandez, and graphic artist Annie Capelli have created a 14-month calendar featuring beautiful photographs of women in their 50s posing tastefully in the nude with the horses that they love. Proceeds from this calendar go to charitable horse rescue organizations, including Redwings. We now have a very limited number of these calendars on sale at our online store. Support these organizations by having this work of art in your home.

Redwings RSS Feed

January 18, 2006

Be notified as soon as a new news story appears on this web page! This web site now includes an RSS feed. Just subscribe to it using RSS aggregator software. Some web browsers such as Safari and Firefox have RSS aggregators built in, but you can use your favorite search engine to find an easy-to-use, standalone RSS aggregator. To subscribe, enter into your aggregator, and it will be able to find our RSS feed.

Search Our Site

January 16, 2006

Have you ever remembered an article on our web site and then couldn’t find it? You can now search our site using Google site search. Scroll to the bottom of this page and you'll see a Google search box. Type in any words you remember from the article, and Google will return the pages on our site that contain those words.

Welcome to Our New Web Site!

January 9, 2006

Our web site has served many thousands of visitors, and we hope you have enjoyed it, and learned from it. We now introduce our completely new web site. Our hope is that our information will be more timely, and it’ll be easier to find the information you want. Many of our supporters use regular phone lines to visit our web site, and we hope the new web site will load on your system much more quickly.

Please populate our Frappr map by clicking on the box along the right column and adding a pushpin for where you’re from (don’t worry; it’s just a rough location). If you have Redwings photos, please share them at our Flickr site.

Finally, please let us know how this web site is serving your needs, and how it can be improved, by contacting our office.

Horse Slaughter Continuing?

January 5, 2006

The Humane Society of the United States is reporting that the temporary ban on the public funding of horse slaughter house inspectors is being ignored. Please see this article for more information, and for a mechanism to give your opinion of this matter to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.

The Society for Animal Protective Legislation also has information and an online petition for this issue here.

The ASPCA also has information and a link to send an e-mail to those involved in this issue here.

New Rescue: Kaweah

December 22, 2005

A Christmas present for a horse? On December 22, 2005, a horse named Kaweah arrived at our ranch to begin her life as a representative of the horrible things that can happen to horses. She had been rescued by humane officers from the SPCA of Monterey County and arrived emaciated and covered in whip scars. Read about how she came to be in this condition. >> Full Story


California Rodeo Salinas

July 20 through July 23, 2006

Come see us at our booth at the California Rodeo Salinas in Salinas, California.

Western States Horse Expo

June 9 through June 11, 2006

Come see us at our booth at the Western States Horse Expo at Cal Expo, Sacramento, California.

Paso Robles Farm & Ranch Expo

April 29, 2006

Come see us at our booth at the Paso Robles Farm & Ranch Expo.

Spring Stampede

April 29 and April 30, 2006

Come see us at our booth at the California State Horseman’s Association Spring Stampede in Livermore, California.


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